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Cornwall's Maritime Churches

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Canon John Adams

Katie Glover and Jane Gray are third year Textiles students at Falmouth University who took part in the Making:Archives 2019 project with the Archives and Special Collections here on campus.

The aim of the project was to create work that showcases the potential of the archives to be used as a creative stimulus. The Canon Adams Archive is a vast index to medieval churches and chapels in Cornwall and is a valuable source for our researchers for Cornwall’s Maritime Churches.

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My weave designs have a natural simplicity created with the intention and purpose to reveal some of the magical history held in the archives. Initially seeing the volumes of files at the beginning of the research, felt somewhat daunting. But after spending time with them, they began to talk back to me, and I even felt quite emotional at times. These files are a lifetime’s work that must not be forgotten because the collection is full of facts and important Cornish data. I even discovered the ‘truth’ about a myth or tale I was once told when I first moved to Hayle many moons ago. I was told, to listen carefully when on the beach near Gwithian because if the wind was blowing in the right direction, I might hear the church bells toll of the chapel buried under the sand dunes. To my absolute delight during my research I discovered the story to be a fact. There is a chapel buried under the dunes. To find out more you too can explore the archives and be amazed at the special gems you’ll find.

Sustainability is at the very heart of my work bearing testament to the passion I have for Cornwall’s natural beauty and coastal heritage. The very essence of hand weaving is to be mindful during the making, and by embracing the spiritual process one can feel and connect to the rich cultural history, passion and intent of Canon John Adams.

For the Archive assignment I wanted to design and use materials appropriate and sympathetic to Canon John Adams archives. As I am interested in architectural installations, I was please to design and make my weaves a haptic experience for this archival project. Japanese paper yarn was a perfect choice, with its own natural qualities yet fragile and delicate charm. By connecting the weave aesthetics to the archives in this way I hope it encourages a conscious awareness in an innovative way. And a legacy to be caring and kind for the preservation of our Mother Earth and all that she holds dear to us.

Katie’s work can also be seen virtually in our image library, alongside the work by another Textiles student Jane Gray.
Their project is now also on display now on the ground floor of the Exchange Building.

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