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Cornwall's Maritime Churches

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Image Library

Thousands of images of objects, architectural details and exterior views are captured by our group of volunteers and can be available for complimentary reuse upon request.

Many of the landscapes, works of art and objects, architectural details and exterior views of the churches and coastline have been reproduced in high-quality photographic images, which can be acquired through our Image Library.  We can also arrange for new photography from our volunteers if we do not have the images which you require.

Personal photography

Photography on behalf of the project, or as a contribution is encouraged. If you wish to add to our image library above, please do contact the project.

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The copyright of all images unless otherwise specified remains the property of Cornwall’s Maritime Churches project. Requested images and images on the website may be used for non-commercial, personal and educational use. If you wish to reproduce images for any other purposes, please contact the project’s digital content editor, Victoria Jenner in order to make a request. Reproductions may be made only with permission in writing from the project’s Image Library.